Bridge of Dreams


Business Services

  • Document Review (eg Contract)

    Contract Confirmation / Letter Writing / English & Japanese Translation / External Consultant / Adviser

  • Business English Lesson

    20-Hour Course / Business English / Business Manner / How to Communicate with Your Boss and Subordinate / How to Write Business Letter / How to Make a Presentation / How to Pronounce

  • Social Media Support

    Social Media for Business (eg Linkedin) / How to Create Your Profile / Sharing Information in English

Individual Services

  • English Education

    Person Interested in Study Abroad, or Hotel and Airline Industry etc / Lesson for TOEIC (You must have a score of at least 500. If not, to be discussed.), Eiken (Grede Pre-2), and Writting

  • English Lesson to stay in English Speaking Countries for a long time

    10-Hour Course / Daily Conversation / How to Tell Japanese Culture / How to Pronounce