Service Flow

Step 1

【Request for Consultation】

After receiving your initial consultation request, we will contact you and arrange a meeting.

Step 2

【Interview / Hearing】

We will obtain all the necessary information from you, including background, objectives, goals, problems, action plan, budget, your wishes and requests, etc.

Step 3

【Proposal and Quotation】

After the hearing, we will propose the most suitable approach, cost and deadline.

Step 4

【Confirmation and Plan Adjustment】

We will confirm the contents of the approach and adjust the plan together until you are satisfied.

Step 5


Once you are satisfied, we will make a contract.

Step 6

【Provision of Service】

We will prepare and create the deliverables.

Step 7


We will deliver the deliverables.

Step 8


After the delivery, we will send you an invoice.

Step 9


After confirming the payment, we will send you a receipt.