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【September】Autumnal Equinox Day

The long-awaited September has arrived and we are now free from the hot, humid, sleepless nights. The rice harvest is at its peak in my region, and newly-harvested rice called Milky Queen arrived the other day from a relative. I

【July】The day of the Ox

The rainy season, which was expected to last about a month, has ended in a flash. Outside, the cicadas have started to sing loudly and summer has finally arrived. It is so hot that you do not want to go


It is the middle of May and there are days when it is sweaty. The Japanese apricot (I called them plum blossoms and tree(s) in the earlier articles.) fruits in the nearby park are almost big enough to harvest, and


  The cherry blossoms are over and the season is dazzling with fresh greenery. The long-awaited Golden Week is just around the corner. Golden Week is Japanese English, so it should be difficult for people from overseas to understand. It


  Spring has deepened, and the plum blossoms have fallen and the small plum berries have begun to show their faces. Next comes the cherry blossom season, which is well known abroad. In fact, next to the park which is